The Octavians bring the versatility of a cappella music to your concerts. From Palestrina to the Beatles, from the Comedian Harmonists to the King's Singers, the group's repertoire includes not only madrigals but also traditional, romantic and, last but not least, numerous humorous pieces from over 700 years of music history as well as songs composed especially for the occasion.


Since the end of the Middle Ages, it has been sacred songs that have significantly influenced and advanced European music as we know it today. Today, sacred songs, motets and oratorios are an integral part of our musical heritage. The Octavians face up to this heritage and trace the sacred music of the last eight centuries in their concerts.


Advent and Christmas are for many people the most beautiful time of the year with special and beloved songs and sounds. It is a time of contrasts, of joy and reflection, of peace and being together. In their Christmas concerts the Octavians manage to musically capture the sounds of this exciting and wonderful time: Christmas is here.

Special Occasions

The Octavians have a diverse musical spectrum from the cheerful music of the Renaissance, the festive songs of the Romantic period, the glamorous sounds of the 1920s, to soulful pop ballads. For special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, company celebrations or anniversaries, they are a very special enrichment and always a successful surprise that will make your celebration unforgettable.